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    • 26 SEP 17

    Thursday 28 sept : SCIENTIFIC SEMINAR Pasteur Cambodia : “Following the movement of middlemen, does it help in the context of avian influenza? ”

    “Following the movement of middlemen, does it help in the context of avian influenza? “

    Summary : 

    Live poultry trade is the main driver for the spread of Avian Influenza Viruses (AIVs) in Cambodia. Past studies have described live poultry markets as hubs for the circulation and emergence of AIVs.  Even though middlemen have been identified as the main poultry vectors between the production sites and markets, little is known regarding the poultry supply chain upstream from those markets. Therefore, we propose to develop a new tool to investigate the live poultry supply chain in Cambodia through middlemen’s movements in an attempt to understand AIV circulation and population dynamics better. 

    Seminar by Etienne Chevanne


    Fonction : Project Coordinator 

    Unit : Virology Unit

    Article: Van Kerkhove, M. D., Vong, S., Guitian, J., Holl, D., Mangtani, P., San, S., & Ghani, A. C. (2009). Poultry movement networks in Cambodia: implications for surveillance and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI/H5N1). Vaccine, 27(45), 6345-6352



    Location : Institut Pasteur in Cambodia : Meeting room, 1st floor

    Language: English

    Fee: Free Entry