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    • 18 SEP 18

    Sept 28 World Rabies Day & Sept 27 Official opening of our Rabies Prevention Center Battambang

    World Rabies Day is the first and only global day of action and awareness for rabies prevention. It is an opportunity to  unite as a community and for individuals, NGOs and governments to connect and share their work.

    Our Institute is involved to fight rabies in Cambodia. Our first action, started since September 2017, is to educate about the rabies disease as well as to communicate about its dangers and prevention strategies throughout Cambodia. Rabies is known to Cambodian people, however, people know very little about its transmission and prevention.

    Our second action is to increase access to rabies vaccination after bite injuries by creating two additional rabies prevention centers located in two provinces outside Phnom Penh capital city; one center in Battambang province (opened July 2018) and another center in the east of Phnom Penh (2019).

    We opened in July 2018 our second Rabies Prevention Center in Battambang, with Provincial Health Department Battambang (PHD), aiming to vaccinate 10 000 bitten people per year. The center will use the same standard as the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh (23 000 bitten people vaccinated yearly) and patients requested contributions are the same in our centers, below cost price.

    The official opening of the center is planned on September 27 with public and press conferences, visits, gala diner.

    And dissemination by our rabies vaccination staff of 10 000 hand-fan, books and flyers (prevention pictures and text in khmer), in Battambang province. More information and details follow soon.