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    • 11 MAY 19

    May 16th : Scientific Seminar 02:00 PM : ”Host immune escape of Plasmodium vivax through PvDBP gene amplification“

    Title: “Host immune escape of Plasmodium vivax through PvDBP gene amplification.”

    Speaker: Camille Roesch, Ph.D. candidate


    A diverse range of evolutionary distant pathogens has evolved similar strategies to escape host immunity and among those, antigenic variation, the capacity of a pathogen to produce a wide range of highly variable antigens, is probably the best described. In this work, we show that gene copy number variation is an additional immune evasion mechanism used by Plasmodium vivax malaria parasites to escape host humoral immunity targeting PvDBP, the key ligand involved in reticulocyte invasion.

    Location: Institut Pasteur in Cambodia: Meeting room, 1st floor,
    Meeting room door closed at 02:05 PM

    May 16th, 2019 – 02:00 PM

    Language: English

    Fee: Free Entry


    We highly recommend reading this paper1 before the talk