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    • 30 MAY 19
    REDCap training at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge: from 27th to 30th of May 2019

    REDCap training at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge: from 27th to 30th of May 2019

    REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases for biomedical research.
    From 27th to 30th of May 2019, the Institute Pasteur in Cambodia organized a tailored REDCap training provided by Dr Thomas Obadia, who works as a biostatistician in the Malaria: Parasites & Hosts Unit at Institut Pasteur Paris.

    The training covered a general overview of REDCap features and scope of applications. People learned how to create projects, data entry forms as well as use the reporting feature, data export and basic analyses. Among the topics covered, automated export of data was presented as a flexible way to implement data quality pipelines using the R scripting language. The main goal was to provide participants with key prerequisites so they can develop their own electronic data capture instruments to serve in field studies. A final session detailed use cases of the REDCap Mobile App for offline data collection, highlighting the risks inherent to asynchronous collection and how to safely consolidate data from multiple offline devices, whenever necessary.

    This REDCap competence will be a plus for all the field surveys commonly carried out in the Institute research programs.

    6 Pasteurian staff have been trained (Malaria Molecular Epidemiology Unit, Epidemiology and Public Health Unit). The training was made possible through a National Institutes of Health grant covering the Asia-Pacific International Center of Excellence in Malaria Research grant in which the Institute Pasteur in Cambodia is involved.