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    • 24 JUN 19

    June 27th : Scientific Seminar 02:00 PM : ”Spatio-temporal dynamic of dengue virus in Cambodia”

    Title: “Spatio-temporal dynamic of dengue virus in Cambodia”

    Speaker: Dr. Ou Tey Putita, PharmD, Pharmacist Engineer of virology unit


    Dengue is a prevalent disease in Cambodia and all dengue virus serotypes (DENV1 – 4) co-circulate in this country. However, the relative impact of gene flow and local diversification on epidemic dynamics is unknown due to unusual sampling and insufficient genetic data. Phylogeographic methods were used to characterize pathogen dispersal, and to provide a better understanding of the epidemiology of dengue in Cambodia. Using genotype (N=630) and serotype (N=7022) data, we demonstrate that in Cambodia, 30% of infection come from the same transmission chain and 75% from the same serotype of dengue cases living  < 500m apart versus 16% and 60% of cases with distance > 50 Km separated from each other, respectively. The effective number of transmission chains is 3.6 with an average of 100 000 people in Cambodia. These transmission chains increase in the provinces with large population (Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kampong Cham etc.). Our results suggested that distance and population density are key sources of viral diversity. Large urban settings are sources of viral diversity and most dengue transmission occurs at home. These findings have important implications for targeted vector control and active surveillance.

    Location: Institut Pasteur in Cambodia: Meeting room, 1st floor,
    Meeting room door closed at 02:05 PM

    June 27th, 2019 – 02:00 PM

    Language: English

    Fee: Free Entry


    We highly recommend reading this paper1 before the talk