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    • 27 NOV 19


    International Call for a

    2-year position on bacteriology focusing on antibiotic resistance

    based at  Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) in Phnom Penh, is developing its bacteriology research capacity, focusing on antibiotic resistance in Cambodia. This is being done in partnership with the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (IP) and the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity at The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia (Doherty Institute).

    IPC is already hosting local and international researchers including researchers from the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) and the Centre International de Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD) who are working on the ecology and evolution of antibiotic resistance using a “One Health” approach. In addition, IPC is strengthening collaboration between its clinical epidemiology team and the Cambodian hospitals on this priority topic from a public health perspective.

    As medium-term goal (2 years), IPC is planning to develop a new research unit dedicated to bacteriology focusing on antibiotic resistance. The aim of the recruitment of a 2-year post-doctoral position is to develop a collaborative program of bacteriology research at IPC that leverages the power of bacterial population genomics to address locally relevant questions.

    The early career research microbiologist will benefit of a 2-year post-doctoral position based at IPC within the Medical Biology Laboratory where research projects are ongoing around this theme and most of the necessary lab equipment is available. The successful applicant will have expertise in experimental bacteriology of human pathogens and bacterial population genomics with a focus on antibiotic resistance. The three institutions (IPC, IP, Doherty Institute) and the researchers from partner institutions will support the postdoctoral candidate to secure additional funding to build the capacity and longevity of a research unit dedicated to this topic to be set up after those 2 post-doctoral years.

    Postdoctoral scientists interested in this proposal are invited to submit an application of maximum 8 pages to the Director of the IPC (and can contact her for additional information that may be needed to prepare the proposal).


    The application should be in English, not exceed 8 pages and include:

    • A cover letter;
    • A research project outline with context, objectives and methodologies to be used
    • The strategies to leverage the expertise within the above-named partnerships and existing relationships with Cambodian hospitals;
    • A provisional budget.

    In addition, the applicant should provide:

    • CV including a list of publications;
    • Two recommendation letters;
    • Copy of the passport.

    Application deadline: January 06th, 2019.


    1. PhD and (international) post-doctoral experience (up to 6 years post-PhD)
    2. Good record of scientific results (publications in the relevant field; funding and research contracts as principal investigator or co-PI) relative to opportunity
    3. Capacity to manage and train young scientists
    4. All nationalities welcome.


    The selected candidate will receive a start-up grant of €80 000 per year covering:

    • his/her salary and the salary of other members of the Appointee’s research team for a total not exceeding 45 000 € per year
    • operating costs
    • basic laboratory equipment.

    The new sub-team will have access to the facilities and equipment of the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge. The successful candidate is expected to obtain new funds essential for the development of the research team.

    Start Date: Position to begin from 1st quarter 2020 (for 24 months in total)


    Proposed Project

    1. The quality, relevance and feasibility of the proposed project (appropriate budget, feasible methodology, other funding that can be raised during the fellowship term),
    2. The development of new research capacity focusing on bacterial antibiotic resistance (particularly in relation to human health) at the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge,
    3. The capacity to strengthen the partnership with research funding institutions and universities at a local, regional and international level; including as much as possible with IP and the Doherty Institute.


    • Application, in pdf format, must be sent to: Dr Laurence BARIL, Director of Institut Pasteur du Cambodge: [email protected] or [email protected]
    • Please contact her if additional information might be needed for the preparation of the application.