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Scientific activities of Institut Pasteur du Cambodge are followed by a Scientific advisory board constituted of 6 members.

The role of the Scientific advisory board (= scientific council) is to give advice to researchers and to the IPC director on scientific and training activities conducted at IPC, on research and capacity building projects, on challenges, collaborations, opportunities, etc. .

In 2017 the members of the board are:

2 international scientists .

  • Dr. Anne Laure BANULS, PhD, HDR, DR2, IRD/NIHE Vietnam
  • Dr. Cam SIMMONS, PhD, Doherty Institute, Australia,

3 Cambodian scientists :

  • Pr. SAPHONN Vonthanak, PhD, Rector UHS (Université des Sciences de la Santé)
  • Dr. UN Laeang, PhD
  •  Dr YI Siyan, PhD, Director, KHANA center for population health research

2 scientists representative of Institut Pasteur Paris

  • Dr. Monique LAFON, PhD, HDR, DRIP Paris
  • Dr Simon CAUCHEMEZ, PhD, HDR, IP Paris

The SAB meets every 18 months. Members of SAB must be replaced every 3 sessions.

Last meeting was on 08 and 09th of June 2017.

Previous meeting were in November 2015, November 2012 and in April 2014.