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Immunology platform has been created in Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) since 2001 with the support from “France REcherche Nord & sud Sida-hiv Hépatites, agence autonome de l’inserm ” called ANRS.

The immunology platform’ s team is composed of a Cambodian scientist and a laboratory technician who is in charge in technical support for the scientific research activity of the platform.

The platform equips with state-of-the-art multicolor flow cytometries, elispot device and P2 cell culture system.

We have expertise in domain of cellular immunology, antiviral and antibacterial immunity and inflammasome.

The team interested in research on the thematic of HIV and/or tuberculosis infection, HIV co-morbidity with other diseases including viral hepatitis B, C and cancer.

Established in 2015, the Immunology Group is a new research group at IP Cambodia, funded by the Pasteur International Network, determined to unravel the adaptive immune responses during viral infection with focus on neglected tropical diseases. In this context, B cells have been mainly regarded as the precursors of neutralizing antibody secreting plasma cells. However, B cells perform many other functions, such as antigen presentation, costimulation and cytokine production, and have important immunomodulatory functions, as shown by us and others.

In addition, antibodies can have immunomodulatory functions as well. We are interested to define the mechanisms by which B cells and antibodies contribute to disease immunopathogenesis during viral infections. In this framework, we are investigating the functional response of B cells during secondary flavivirus infection and after post-exposure rabies prophylaxis.

Simon-Loriere E, Duong V et al, Scie Transl Med, 2017

Our latest publication made the cover of Science Translational Medicine!