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Since the beginning of my career, I have been fascinated by microorganisms-host interactions. After studying the molecular mechanisms of a bacterium / host symbiotic interaction during my PhD at University of Lyon, it’s a different symbiosis that led me to study mosquito-borne diseases. Indeed I worked several years in Scott O’Neill group in Australia to implement and study a Wolbachia-based strategy to block dengue virus transmission. My work was divided into both field implementation-related questions and basic and mechanistic aspects of the host-symbiont interaction.

The transition in my career to work on malaria began by developing challenging in vitro bioassays targeting the transmission responsible forms of Plasmodium falciparum and implementing exflagellation-blocking bioassays when I joined the Institut Pasteur of French Guiana.

During the last years I have been focusing on Plasmodium vivax after I joined the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia in 2014 where I have been conducting clinical studies as well as molecular work. I initially conducted a therapeutic efficacy study to properly determine if P. vivax was resistant to chloroquine in Cambodia (which is not!). I have also implemented state-of-the-art flow cytometry analysis to study receptor-ligand interactions involved in reticulocyte invasion by P. vivax, developing tools to study in vitro the biology of the parasite. My research questions are currently focusing on those two aspects: developmental biology of the parasite and implementation of operational approaches to control and eliminate P. vivax from Cambodia.



During the last years I have been working on Plasmodium vivax malaria in Cambodia, conducting clinical studies as well as molecular work:

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I began my work on malaria by implementing P. falciparum exflagellation-blocking bioassays:

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During my first postdoc, I worked on the implementation and the mechanisms of a Wolbachia-based strategy to reduce dengue transmission:

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My early work mainly focused on the study of the molecular dialogue in a plant-bacteria symbiosis

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