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    • 25 OCT 16

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    Master & DES Internship Opportunities


    Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) is a research and public utility under the patronage of the Cambodian Ministry of Health. It belongs to the International Network of Pasteur Institutes with whom it develops ongoing collaborations.

    Capacity-building & training of local students from Cambodian universities is one of its three missions after 1. research on infectious diseases found in Cambodia; and 2. service & support to the public via international vaccination centre & biomedical laboratory which analyses blood samples. For this reason, IPC offers graduate & qualified students to acquire direct practical experience leading to the writing of a Master, a DES thesis or a PhD thesis under the supervision of IPC researchers through its internship programme.

    Number of Interns

    13 (one intern per subject)


    Applicants should be in second year of a Master’s program from the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Institut of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), or other universities or in third year of DES program from UHS.

    How to apply

    Applicants have to send a CV, motivation letter, 2 recommendation letters, including one from Director of Master’s or DES program, and academic results to respective IPC supervisor(s).


    Applicants will be selected based on their application documents and interview. Uncompleted application documents will not be considered.

    For more information


    Website of IPC: www.pasteur-kh.org

    LinkedIn: Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

    Subject/ Title Expected Duration Supervisor

    at IPC




    PREDICT 2: Surveillance for emerging zoonotic disease threats and behavioral risk characterization in high-risk communities in Cambodia 4-6 months Dr DUONG Veasna [email protected] Oct-16
    Study of host response after dengue virus infection 6 months Dr Tineke CANTAERT [email protected] Oct-16
    Develop data bases dedicated to Clinical Research 4-6 months Dr Laurence BORAND [email protected] Oct-16
    Distribution of Tuberculosis Resistance-Associated Mutations in Cambodia 6 months Dr Alexandra


    Dr Sokleaph CHENG

    [email protected] [email protected] Oct-16
    Dengue vector control: density and insecticide susceptibility of  mosquitoes 6 months Dr Sebastien BOYER [email protected] Oct-16
    Surveillance and characterization of avian influenza virus in Cambodia 12 months Dr HORM Srey Viseth [email protected] Nov-16
    Mapping of Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein 2/3 gene deletions in Cambodia 12 months Dr KHIM Nimol [email protected]  Nov-16
    Iron in dry bean & peanuts in Phnom Penh markets 4 months Pr KRUY Sunlay [email protected] Jan-17
    ESBL Resistance profile of Enterobacteriacea isolated from food in Cambodia 4 months Pr KRUY Sunlay [email protected] Jan-17
    Impact of mosquito control in schools on dengue incidence and dengue virus diversity 6-12 months Dr LY Sowath [email protected] Jan-17
    Validation of the OMUNIS hepatitis C RNA kit for HCV RNA quantification in plasma 6 months Dr François ROUET [email protected] Jan-17
    Development and deployment of a mobile application designed to treat and give back biological results in real time 4-6 months Dr Agathe De


    [email protected] Feb-17
    Estimation of the transmission intensity of Japanese Encephalitis in chicken in urban and peri-urban settings in Cambodia 4-6 months Dr Véronique


    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    MicroRNA as a biomarker in tuberculosis associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV-tuberculosis co-infection 6 – 12 months Dr PEAN Polidy

    Dr Daniel Scott-Algara

    [email protected] ????

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