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    • 12 JUN 17

    June 10&11 : Training for our staff in contact with patients and customers : “How to improve our patients/customer relationship ?”

    This week end we had a training for all our staff in contact with our patients and customers.

    Concerned : welcoming staff, nurses, doctors, gatekeeper but also secretaries, human resources ..

    Training with a short presentations but mainly group discussions, cases and role-playing exercises

    The aim was to improve our ways of doing and habits.

    The work was focused around few questions, among them :

    • Do we respond to customer suggestions by modifying quickly our services ?
    • Could we improve our service delivery being quicker, more reliable ?
    • Could we improve our service delivery friendlier, more imaginative, more welcoming ?
    • How does our Institute respond to difficult or unusual requests ?
    • How easily do we step into our customer’s shoes ? Does our Institute have strategies in place to measure the quality of our services ?

    “It was very interesting .. and very playful also !”

    “Training such as, this provide us all with a chance to step back and recognize that we are not working in isolation, that we can learn each other and improve our ways of doing”

    “I’ve found that the training is very interesting. I really enjoyed the full day of training as I’ve learnt a lot from the explanation of the trainer in the form of game, role playing, storytelling, scenario preparing…”

    “The trainer explained step by step, clearly and detailed. It means that we learn, we understand and then we practiced.”