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    • 24 JAN 19

    Malaria – Julie Péneau

    After a Master degree in Parasitology at Montpellier University, I developed my research interest in vector borne parasites and parasite’s molecular genetics.

    I started my professional experience at Pasteur Institute in French Guiana where I studied the genetic variability of Pfmdr1 gene (Plasmodium falciparum multidrug resistance protein 1), associated with in vitro susceptibility to mefloquine and halofantrine. I also studied the sensitivity of Guyanese strains of P. falciparum against drugs on the market as well as tested new therapies.

    Subsequently, I became interested by Trypanosoma cruzi (the causal agent of Chagas Disease) during my PhD at French Guiana University, then during my Postdoctoral at Perpignan University.
    I wanted to improve the knowledge about the parasitic genotypes circulating in hosts and vectors and the factors involved in the origin of transmission cycle of human cases.
    For that, I studied the biodiversity of Triatomine bugs (insect vector of Chagas Disease) in French Guiana. I also studied T. cruzi genomics which has a high degree of intraspecific genetic variability with possible implications for the clinical forms of the disease.

    Since May 2018, I joined the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia where we screen novel antimalarial drugs directed against Plasmodium vivax liver stages.