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    • 06 DEC 19

    Dec 12th: Scientific Seminar 02:00 PM : ”Epigenetics, RIP and sexual development in filamentous ascomycetes”

    Title: “Epigenetics, RIP and sexual development in filamentous ascomycetes”

    Speaker: Fabienne Malagnac, PhD, Professor, Head of Unit, Epigénétique et Dévelopment chez les champignons Unit, Université Paris Sud, France


    In filamentous fungi, the Repeat Induced Point mutation (RIP) system, which is active during sexual reproduction, introduces G/C to A/T mutations within the repeats to prevent their spreading. Our aim is to decipher the potential functional links between the RIP process and sexual development.

    Location: Institut Pasteur in Cambodia: Meeting room, 1st floor,
    Meeting room door closed at 02:05 PM

    December 12th, 2019 – 02:00 PM

    Language: English

    Fee: Free Entry


    We highly recommend reading this paper1 before the talk