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    • 20 DEC 19

    Institut Pasteur du Cambodge Researchers Participate in Cambodian Pandemic Preparedness organized by CDC-MOH in Kampong Cham Province

    Pandemics are predictably unpredictable; however, it is highly likely that the next influenza pandemic may be just around the corner. A pandemic of novel influenza can have massive global impact, including the health and socioeconomic sectors. Therefore, advanced planning and preparedness for pandemic response are critical capacities to mitigate the risk and impact of a pandemic. Institut Pasteur in Cambodia has been actively working to prepare for and fight pandemics in Cambodia since 1953. On December 16th and 17th, IPC researchers Dr. Philippe Dussart, Head of Virology, and Dr. Erik Karlsson, Director of the National Influenza Center for Cambodia and H5 Reference Laboratory, traveled to Kampong Cham province to participate in a Workshop gathering key stakeholders, including hospitals and laboratories, to update the Health Sector Pandemic Influenza Response Strategy for Cambodia. Following some brief updates on the state of influenza surveillance in the country, Dr. Dussart and Dr. Karlsson helped to update and refine the strategic plan to respond to an influenza pandemic in the Kingdom and discussed plans for strengthening and enhancing response capabilities in the next 5 years. The meeting was organized by the Cambodia Communicable Disease Control Department, Ministry of Health, with support from the World Health Organization.