COVID-19 Updates

Negative Medical Certificate for Travelers

You made or wish to make an appointment with us for a Negative Medical Certificate for Travelers.


If you didn’t already send us in your previous mail, below is the list of of documents that we need you to provide us with BEFORE your appointment.


  • The list of all the patients with : Last name, First name, Date of Birth, Sex, Nationality
  • Telephone Number is mandatory to communicate the result in case of positivity
  • The complete Laboratory request form of Ministry of Health (Patient’s information part directly editable on the pdf) for each patient: do not forget to mention how many times you have already been tested for COVID-19.
  • Copy (scan, pictures etc…) of your Passport and your Plane Ticket
  • Once you have all documents please send it by email to [email protected]

You can download here the process for your appointment, thank you to read it.


The day of your appointment, please wear a mask and maintain social distancing, go to the waiting area dedicated to COVID-19 PCR test on the right of the reception and indicated by the “TRAVEL CERTIFICATE” sign. Introduce yourself to the guard / receptionist in charge of welcoming patients. Please do not enter in the reception area.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions.