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Southeast Asia (SEA) is affected by emerging infectious diseases, and springing outbreaks challenge the medical and scientific communities. The emergence of new diseases or their resistance in SEA is a complex mechanism which requests more interest on the diseases, on the condition of their emergence and on the diffusion of the causative agents. The study of infection transmitted or not by animals or arthropod vectors involves a multidisciplinary approach with transversal collaborations between teams and institutions on priority programs integrated in a global health international strategy.

The creation of a regional platform of research in Cambodia offers to research teams from the North and the South laboratories to develop “in situ” researches on infectious diseases in relation with institutions in the region. This platform founded by members of Aviesan Sud* will allow a reinforcement of the capacities of researches in SEA and propose novel orientations of research on infectious diseases, by integrating new perspectives on human and animal health in “One Health” concept.

This platform will:

  • Strengthen the capacity of regional research in South-East Asia;
  • Respond to the needs to direct research and scientific and technical monitoring of priority communicable infectious diseases in Asia, integrating new issues of human and animal health by the concept of “One World, One Health”

PRR-Asia aims to provide a platform for laboratories and integrated epidemiology at the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia to strengthen high-level research in the field of HIV / AIDS and communicable infectious diseases, particularly zoonotic diseases.

The effective implementation of the PRR-Asia required the construction, on the site of the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia, with its financial participation and those of Aviesan members*, of a building of 468 m2 of office and partially equipped laboratories.

The inauguration of the platform took place March 11, 2014.

*Members of the PRR-Asia

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