5 Monivong Boulevard, P.O Box. 983, Phnom Penh, Cambodia [email protected]

Since its creation, the Medical Laboratory (LBM) of Institut Pasteur du Cambodge has been committed to a quality approach according to practical standards, especially the standard ISO 15189. In 2018, our Laboratory became the first Cambodian laboratory to obtain accreditation in accordance with the recognized international standard NF EN ISO 15189 by COFRAC.

Quality management at LBM aims at ensuring, for all customers:

– Reliability and accuracy of test results,
– Reliability and accuracy of internal and external quality control,
– Continuous improvement to ensure consistent quality results,
– Data traceability,
– Confidentiality,
– Quality of the service,
– Satisfaction of clients
– Reliable results interpretation based on the up-to-date recommendation
– High level of technical skill of the staff
– Technological development

Always at the forefront of a quality service, LBM has set up its Quality Management System in order to ensure the required quality standard at pre-analytical (sample collection and transportation), analytical (testing) and post-analytical (result delivery and interpretation) level, as well as the continual improvements to ensure consistent quality results. Our Laboratory develops continuously its human and technical resources by imposing strict quality standards. Our aim is to meet expectations and satisfactions of all clients and to collaborate with our partners with confidence based on the quality of the work that we perform daily.

Respectful of diversity and privacy, the laboratory management is also committed to ensuring that all biologists and employees respect the general principles of medical ethics and treat all of our patients fairly and without discrimination.

The organization of the laboratories is designed so that, in all working conditions, patient data is used only for strictly medical purposes. We do everything we can to keep the utmost confidentiality, whether at reception or at the reporting of results.