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Recent Publications

Antibody fucosylation predicts disease severity in secondary dengue infection. Stylianos Bournazos, Hoa Thi My Vo, Veasna Duong, Heidi Auerswald, Sowath Ly, Anavaj Sakuntabhai, Philippe Dussart, Tineke Cantaert, Jeffrey V. Ravetch, 04 Jun 2021


Direct Infection of B Cells by Dengue Virus Modulates B Cell Responses in a Cambodian Pediatric Cohort. Vinit Upasani, Hoa Thi My Vo, Heidi Auerswald, Denis Laurent, Sothy Heng, Veasna Duong, Izabela A. Rodenhuis-Zybert, Philippe Dussart, and Tineke Cantaert February 12th, 2021


Assessment of inactivation procedures for SARS-CoV-2. Heidi Auerswald, Sokhoun Yann, Sokha Dul  2 , Saraden In, Philippe Dussart, Nicholas J Martin, Erik A Karlsson, Jose A Garcia-Rivera  January 8th, 2021


Autoantibody Profiling in Plasma of Dengue Virus-Infected Individuals. Hoa Thi My Vo, Veasna Duong, Sowath Ly, Quan-Zhen Li, Philippe Dussart, Tineke Cantaert. December 18th, 2020


Decreased Type I Interferon Production by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Contributes to Severe Dengue. Vinit Upasani, Carolina Scagnolari, Federica Frasca , Nikaïa Smith, Vincent Bondet, Axelle Vanderlinden, Sokchea Lay, Heidi Auerswald, Sothy Heng, Denis Laurent, Sowath Ly, Veasna Duong, Guido Antonelli, Philippe Dussart , Darragh Duffy, Tineke Cantaert December 17th, 2020


Transmission experiments support clade-level differences in the transmission and pathogenicity of Cambodian influenza A/H5N1 viruses. Paul F Horwood, Thomas Fabrizio, Srey Viseth Horm, Artem Metlin, Sopheaktra Ros, Songha Tok, Trushar Jeevan, Patrick Seiler, Phalla Y, Sareth Rith, Annika Suttie, Philippe Buchy, Erik A Karlsson, Richard Webby, Philippe Dussart  December 9th, 2020


Epidemiology and pathological progression of erythematous lip lesions in captive sun bears (Helarctos malayanus). Kirsty Officer, Mathieu Pruvot, Paul Horwood, Daniela Denk, Kris Warren, Vibol Hul, Nhim Thy, Nev Broadis, Philippe Dussart, Bethany Jackson December 1st, 2020


Dengue viremia kinetics in asymptomatic and symptomatic infection. Ponpan Matangkasombut, Kajohnpong Manopwisedjaroen, Nada Pitabut, Sasikanya Thaloengsok, Swangjit Suraamornkul, Tawatchai Yingtaweesak, Veasna Duong, Anavaj Sakuntabhai, Richard Paul, Pratap Singhasivanon December 1st, 2020


Patterns of foraging activity and fidelity in a southeast Asian flying fox. Elodie Schloesing,  Rémi Chambon, Annelise Tran, Kinley Choden, Sébastien Ravon, Jonathan H. Epstein, Thavry Hoem, Neil Furey, Morgane Labadie, Mathieu Bourgarel, Hélène M. De Nys, Alexandre Caron, and Julien Cappelle November 10th, 2020


Whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of a novel bat-associated picornavirus-like virus with an unusual genome organization. Sarah Temmam , Vibol Hul, Thomas Bigot, Maël Bessaud, Delphine Chrétien, Thavry Hoem, Christopher Gorman, Veasna Duong, Philippe Dussart, Julien Cappelle, Marc Eloit February 2020.

Previous Publications

Comparison of Japanese Encephalitis Force of Infection in Pigs, Poultry and Dogs in Cambodian Villages, 2020 Sep 1. Heidi Auerswald, Saraden In, Philippe Dussart, Véronique Chevalier, Veasna Duong, Héléna Ladreyt, Sothyra Tum, Sreymom Ken, Leangyi Heng, Sokchea Lay, Chakriyouth Top, Sowath Ly, Benoit Durand


TLR2 on blood monocytes senses dengue virusinfection and its expression correlates with diseasepathogenesis : Nature Communication, 25Jun2020. José A. Aguilar-Briseño/ Vinit Upasani/ Bram M. ter Ellen/ Jill Moser/ Mindaugas Pauzuolis/Mariana Ruiz-Silva/ Sothy Heng/ Denis Laurent/, Rithy Choeung/ Philippe Dussart/ Tineke Cantaert/Jolanda M. Smit& Izabela A. Rodenhuis-Zybert


Improved detection of dengue and Zika viruses using multiplex RT-qPCR assays : J Virol Methods, 2020May14. Ou TP / Yun C / Auerswald H / In S / Leang R / Huy R / Chhoeung R / Dussart P / Duong V.

Novel genome sequences of cell-fusing agent virus allow comparison of virus phylogeny with the genetic structure of Aedes aegypti populations : Virus Evol, 2020Apr29. Baidaliuk A / Lequime S / Moltini-Conclois I / Dabo S / Dickson LB / Prot M / Duong V / Dussart P / Boyer S / Shi C / Matthijnssens J / Guglielmini J / Gloria-Soria A / Simon-Lorière E / Lambrechts L.


Zikavirus prME Envelope Pseudotyped Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 as a Novel Tool for Glioblastoma-Directed Virotherapy : Cancers (Basel),2020Apr18. Kretschmer M / Kadlubowska P / Hoffmann D / Schwalbe B / Auerswald H / Schreiber M


Serological Evidence for Japanese Encephalitis and West Nile Virus Infections in Domestic Birds in Cambodia : Frontiers in veterinary science,2020Jan29. Auerswald H / Ruget AS / Ladreyt H / In S / Mao S / Sorn S / Tum S / Duong V / Dussart P / Cappelle J / Chevalier V.


Quantifying Within-Host Diversity of H5N1 Influenza Viruses in Humans and Poultry in Cambodia : PLoS Pathog,2020Jan17. Moncla LH / Bedford T / Dussart P / Horm SV / Rith S / Buchy P / Karlsson EA / Li L / Liu Y /, Zhu H / Guan Y / Friedrich TC / Horwood PF.


Establishment of Asia-Pacific Network for Enterovirus Surveillance : Vaccine,2020 Jan03. Chiu ML / Luo ST / Chen YY / Chung WY / Duong V / Dussart P / Chan YF / Perera D / Ooi MH / Thao NTT / Truong HK / Lee MS

Predicting Dengue Outbreaks in Cambodia : Emerg Infect Dis,2019Dec. Cousien A / Ledien J / Souv K / Leang R / Huy R / Fontenille D / Ly S / Duong V / Dussart P / Piola P / Cauchemez S / Tarantola A.


Diversity of A(H5N1) clade avian influenza viruses with evidence of reassortment in Cambodia, 2014-2016 : PLoS One,2019Dec09. Suttie A / Tok S / Yann S / Keo P / Horm SV / Roe M / Kaye M / Sorn S / Holl D / Tum S / Buchy P / Barr I / Hurt A / Greenhill AR / Karlsson EA / Vijaykrishna D / Deng YM / Dussart P / Horwood PF.


The evolution and genetic diversity of avian influenza A(H9N2) viruses in Cambodia, 2015 – 2016 : PLoS One,2019Dec09. Suttie A / Tok S / Yann S / Keo P / Horm SV / Roe M / Kaye M / Sorn S / Holl D / Tum S / Barr IG / Hurt AC / Greenhill AR / Karlsson EA / Vijaykrishna D / Deng YM / Dussart P / Horwood PF.


Whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of a novel bat-associated picornavirus-like virus with an unusual genome organization : Infect Genet Evol,2019Nov27. Temmam S / Hul V / Bigot T / Chrétien D / Hoem T / Gorman C / Duong V / Dussart P / Cappelle J / Eloit M.


Insights into the Host Range, Genetic Diversity, and Geographical Distribution of Jingmenviruses : mSphere,2019Nov06. Temmam S / Bigot T / Chrétien D / Gondard M / Pérot P / Pommelet V / Dufour E / Petres S / Devillers E / Hoem T / Pinarello V / Hul V /, Vongphayloth K / Hertz JC / Loiseau I / Dumarest M / Duong V / Vayssier-Taussat M / Grandadam M / Albina E / Dussart P / Moutailler S / Cappelle J / Brey PT / Eloit M.


Establishment of Asia-Pacific Network for Enterovirus Surveillance : Vaccine,2019Oct31. Chiu ML / Luo ST / Chen YY / Chung WY / Duong V / Dussart P / Chan YF / Perera D / Ooi MH / Thao NTT / Truong HK / Lee MS.


Impaired Antibody-Independent Immune Response of B Cells in Patients With Acute Dengue Infection : Front. Immunol,2019Oct31. Vinit Upasani|Hoa Thi My Vo|Sivlin Ung|Sothy Heng|Denis Laurent|Rithy Choeung|Veasna Duong|Sopheak Sorn|Sowath Ly|Izabela A. Rodenhuis-Zybert|Philippe Dussart|Tineke Cantaert


Cohort profile: Moramanga health survey in urban and rural areas in Madagascar (MHURAM project) : International journal of epidemiology,2019Oct24. Ratovoson R / Randremanana R / Rakotomanana F / Andriamandimby SF / Mangahasimbola R / Masquelier B /, Richard V / Piola P / Pison G / Baril L.


How Central Is the Domestic Pig in the Epidemiological Cycle of Japanese Encephalitis Virus? A Review of Scientific Evidence and Implications for Disease Control : Viruses,2019Oct15. Ladreyt H / Durand B / Dussart P / Chevalier V.


A 1-week intradermal dose-sparing regimen for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (RESIST-2): an observational cohort study : Lancet Infect Dis,2019Sep27. Cantaert T/ Borand L/ Kergoat L/ Leng C/ Ung S/ In S/ Peng Y/ Phoeun C/ Hing C/ Taing CN/ Saman M/ Ong S/ Mey C/ Choeung R/ Ly S/ Dussart P/ Bourhy H/ Tarantola A.


A New High-Throughput Tool to Screen Mosquito-Borne Viruses in Zika Virus Endemic/Epidemic Areas : Viruses,2019Sep27. Moutailler S/ Yousfi L/ Mousson L/ Devillers E/ Vazeille M/ Vega-Rúa A/ Perrin Y/ Jourdain F/ Chandre F/ Cannet A/ Chantilly S/ Restrepo J/ Guidez A/ Dusfour I/, Vieira Santos de Abreu F/ Pereira Dos Santos T/ Jiolle D/ Visser TM/ Koenraadt CJM/, Wongsokarijo M/ Diallo M/ Diallo D/ Gaye A/ Boyer S/ Duong V/ Piorkowski G/ Paupy C/ Lourenco de Oliveira R/ de Lamballerie X/ Failloux AB.


Circulation and Characterization of Seasonal Influenza Viruses in Cambodia, 2012-2015 : Influenza Other Respir Viruses,2019Sep. Horwood PF / Karlsson EA / Horm SV / Ly S / Heng S / Chin S / Darapheak C / Saunders D / Chanthap L / Rith S / Y P / Chea KL / Sar B /, Parry A / Ieng V / Tsuyouka R / Deng YM / Hurt AC / Barr IG / Komadina N / Buchy P / Dussart P.


High Activation of γδ T Cells and the γδ2pos T-Cell Subset Is Associated With the Onset of Tuberculosis-Associated Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome, ANRS 12153 CAPRI NK: Front Immunol. 2019 Aug 27. Polidy Pean/ Janin Nouhin/ Meng Ratana/ Yoann Madec/ Laurence Borand/ Olivier Marcy/ Didier Laureillard/ Marcelo Fernandez/ Françoise Barré-Sinoussi/ Laurence Weiss/ and Daniel Scott-/


Inventory of molecular markers affecting biological characteristics of avian influenza A viruses : Virus Genes,2019Aug19. Suttie A/ Deng YM/ Greenhill AR/ Dussart P/ Horwood PF/ Karlsson EA.


Toward a quantification of risks at the nexus of conservation and health: The case of bushmeat markets in Lao PDR : Sci Total Environ,2019Aug01. Pruvot M / Khammavong K / Milavong P / Philavong C / Reinharz D / Mayxay M / Rattanavong S / Horwood P / Dussart P / Douangngeun B / Theppangna W / Fine AE / Olson SH / Robinson M / Newton P.


Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis C virus in Cambodia during 2016-2017: Scientific Reports, 2019May13. Nouhin J / Iwamoto M / Prak S / Dousset JP / Phon K / Heng S / Kerleguer A / Le Paih M / Dussart P / Maman D / Rouet F


Avian influenza virus detection, temporality and co-infection in poultry in Cambodian border provinces, 2017–2018 : Emerg Microbes Infect,2019Apr19. Erik A. Karlsson / Srey Viseth Horm / Songha Tok / Sothyra Tum / Wantanee Kalpravidh / Filip Claes / Kristina Osbjer / Philippe Dussart


Changing landscapes of Southeast Asia and rodent-borne diseases: decreased diversity but increased transmission risks : Ecological applications,2019Apr15. Morand S/ Blasdell K/ Bordes F/ Buchy P/ Carcy B/ Chaisiri K/ Chaval Y/ Claude J/ Cosson JF/ Desquesnes M/ Jittapalapong S/ Jiyipong T/ Karnchanabanthoen A/ Pornpan P/ Rolain JM/ Tran A.


The Dengue ED3 Dot Assay, a Novel Serological Test for the Detection of Denguevirus Type-Specific Antibodies and Its Application in a Retrospective Seroprevalence Study : Viruses,2019Mar27. Auerswald H / Klepsch L / Schreiber S / Hülsemann J / Franzke K / Kann S / Y B / Duong V / Buchy P / Schreiber M.


Pteropus lylei primarily forages in residential areas in Kandal, Cambodia : WileyOnlineLibrary,2019Mar13. Kinley Choden / Sébastien Ravon / Jonathan H. Epstein / Thavry Hoem / Neil Furey / Marie Gely / Audrey Jolivot / Vibol Hul / Chhoeuth Neung / Annelise Tran / Julien Cappelle


First dengue virus seroprevalence study on Madeira Island after the 2012 outbreak indicates unreported dengue circulation : Parasit Vectors,2019Mar13. Auerswald H / de Jesus A / Seixas G / Nazareth T / In S / Mao S / Duong V / Silva AC / Paul R / Dussart P / Sousa CA.


An algorithm applied to national surveillance data for the early detection of major dengue outbreaks in Cambodia : PLoS One,2019Feb07. Ledien J / Souv K / Leang R / Huy R / Cousien A / Peas M / Froehlich Y / Duboz R / Ong S / Duong V / Buchy P / Dussart P / Tarantola A


Evidence of exposure and human seroconversion during an outbreak of avian influenza A(H5N1) among poultry in Cameroon : Emerging Microbes & Infections,2019Jan22. Chavely Gwladys Monamele/ Phalla Y./ Erik Albert Karlsson/ Marie-Astrid Vernet/ Abel Wade/ Marie-Claire Assoumou Okomo/ Aristide Stéphane Abah Abah/ Sokhoun Yann/, Georges Alain Mballa Etoundi/Njankouo Ripa Mohamadou/ Jean-Marc Feussom/ Sreyviseth Horm/ Paul Francis Horwood/ Sowath Ly/ Richard Njouom & Philippe Dussart.

Usefulness of a serial algorithm of HBsAg and HBeAg rapid diagnosis tests to detect pregnant women at risk of HBV mother-to-child transmission in Cambodia, the ANRS 12328 pilot study : J Clin Virol,2018Oct22. Ségéral O / S N’Diaye D / Prak S / Nouhin J / Chhun S / Khamduang W / Chim K / Roque-Afonso AM / Piola P / Borand L / Ngo-Giang-Huong N / Rouet F; ANRS 12328 12345 Study Group


Declining hepatitis E virus antibody prevalence in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during 1996-2017 : Epidemiol Infect,2018Oct12. Nouhin J / Madec Y / Prak S / Ork M / Kerleguer A / Froehlich Y / Pavio N / Rouet F


Dengue modeling in rural Cambodia: Statistical performance versus epidemiological relevance : Epidemics,2018Aug29. Champagne C / Paul R / Ly S / Duong V / Leang R / Cazelles B


Measuring Influenza Virus Infection Using Bioluminescent Reporter Viruses for In Vivo Imaging and In Vitro Replication Assays : Methods in molecular biology,2018Aug28. Karlsson EA / Meliopoulos VA / Tran V / Savage C / Livingston B / Schultz-Cherry S / Mehle A


Comparison of the dynamics of Japanese encephalitis virus circulation in sentinel pigs between a rural and a peri-urban setting in Cambodia : PLoS Negl Trop Dis,2018Aug23. Di Francesco J / Choeung R / Peng B / Pring L / Pang S / Duboz R / Ong S / Sorn S / Tarantola A / Fontenille D / Duong V / Dussart P / Chevalier V / Cappelle J.


How much does direct transmission between pigs contribute to Japanese Encephalitis virus circulation? A modelling approach in Cambodia : PLoS ONE,2018Aug16. Diallo AOI / Chevalier V / Cappelle J / Duong V / Fontenille D / Duboz R


Influenza A(H5N1) viruses with A(H9N2) single gene (matrix or PB1) reassortment isolated from Cambodian live bird markets : Virology,2018Jul31. Suttie A / Karlsson EA / Deng YM / Horm SV / Yann S / Tok S / Sorn S / Holl D / Tum S / Hurt AC / Greenhill AR / Barr IG / Horwood PF / Dussart P.


Detection of Low Pathogenicity Influenza A(H7N3) Virus during Duck Mortality Event, Cambodia, 2017 : Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2018Jun27. Suttie A / Yann S / Y P / Tum S / Deng YM / Hul V / Horm VS / Barr I / Greenhill A / Horwood PF / Osbjer K / Karlsson EA / Dussart P


Detection of Japanese Encephalitis Virus RNA in Human Throat Samples in Laos – A Pilot study : Scientific reports, 2018May22. Bharucha T / Sengvilaipaseuth O / Seephonelee M / Vongsouvath M / Vongsouvath M / Rattanavong S / Piorkowski G / Lecuit M / Gorman C / Pommier JD / Newton PN / de Lamballerie X / Dubot-Pérès A.


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Insectivorous bat reproduction and human cave visitation in Cambodia: A perfect conservation storm? : PLoS One, 2018Apr30. Lim T / Cappelle J / Hoem T / Furey N.


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Taking a bite out of nutrition and arbovirus infection : PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 2018Mar29. Weger-Lucarelli J / Auerswald H / Vignuzzi M / Dussart P / Karlsson EA.


Diverse laboratory colonies of Aedes aegypti harbor the same adult midgut bacterial microbiome : Parasit Vectors, 2018Mar27. Dickson LB / Ghozlane A / Volant S / Bouchier C / Ma L / Vega-Rúa A / Dusfour I / Jiolle D / Paupy C / Mayanja MN / Kohl A / Lutwama JJ / Duong V / Lambrechts L.


Distribution of bat-borne viruses and environment patterns : Infect Genet Evol, Mar2018. Afelt A / Lacroix A / Zawadzka-Pawlewska U / Pokojski W / Buchy P / Frutos R


A Blood RNA Signature Detecting Severe Disease in Young Dengue Patients at Hospital Arrival : The Journal of infectious diseases, 2018Feb27. Nikolayeva I / Bost P / Casademont I / Duong V / Koeth F / Prot / M / Czerwinska U / Ly S / Bleakley K / Cantaert T / Dussart P / Buchy P / Simon-Lorière E / Sakuntabhai A / Schwikowski B.


Co-circulation of Influenza A H5, H7, and H9 Viruses and Co-infected Poultry in Live Bird Markets, Cambodia : Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2018Feb08. Horwood PF / Horm SV / Suttie A / Thet S / Y P / Rith S / Sorn S / Holl D / Tum S / Ly S / Karlsson E / Tarantola A / Dussart P


Broad and long-lasting immune protection against various Chikungunya genotypes demonstrated by participants in a cross-sectional study in a Cambodian rural community : Emerging Microbes & Infections, 2018Feb07. Auerswald H / Boussioux C / In S / Mao S / Ong S / Huy R / Leang R / Chan M / Duong V / Ly S / Tarantola A / Dussart P


Rabies Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Noncompletion After Dog Bites: Estimating the Unseen to Meet the Needs of the Underserved : Am J Epidemiol, 2017Aug23. Tarantola A / Blanchi S / Cappelle J / Ly S / Chan M / In S / Peng Y / Hing C / Taing CN / Ly S / Bourhy H / Buchy P / Dussart P / Mary JY

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Isolation and full-genome sequences of Japanese encephalitis virus genotype I strains from Cambodian human patients, mosquitoes and pigs : J Gen Virol, 2017Sep05. Duong V / Choeung R / Gorman C / Laurent D / Crabol Y / Mey C / Peng B / Di Francesco J / Hul V / Sothy H, / Santy K / Richner B / Pommier JD / Sorn S / Chevalier V / Buchy P / de Lamballerie X / Cappelle J / Horwood PF / Dussart P


Increased adaptive immune responses and proper feedback regulation protect against clinical dengue : Sci Transl Med, 2017Aug30. Simon-Lorière E / Duong V / Tawfik A / Ung S / Ly S / Casadémont I / Prot M / Courtejoie N / Bleakley K / Buchy P / Tarantola A / Dussart P / Cantaert T / Sakuntabhai A


A prospective, comparative study of severe neurological and uncomplicated hand, foot and mouth forms of paediatric enterovirus 71 infections : Int J Infect Dis, 2017Jun04. Crabol Y / Pean P / Mey C / Duong V / Richner B / Laurent D / Santy K / Sothy H / Dussart P / Tarantola A / Buchy P / Horwood PF


Effects of mammarenavirus infection (Wēnzhōu virus) on the morphology of Rattus exulans. : Infect Genet Evol, 2017May26. Artois J / Blasdell K / Duong V / Buchy P / Hul V / Morand S / Claude J


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Zika virus in Asia : Int J Infect Dis, 2017Jan08. Duong V / Dussart P / Buchy P


Diversity of bat astroviruses in Lao PDR and Cambodia : Infect Genet Evol, 2017Jan03. Lacroix A / Duong V / Hul V / San S / Davun H / Omaliss K / Chea S / Hassanin A / Theppangna W / Silithammavong S / Khammavong K /, Singhalath S / Afelt A / Greatorex Z / Fine AE / Goldstein T / Olson S / Joly DO / Keatts L / Dussart P / Frutos R / Buchy P




Intensive Circulation of Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Peri-urban Sentinel Pigs near Phnom Penh, Cambodia : PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 2016Dec7. Cappelle J / Duong V / Pring L / Kong L / Yakovleff M / Prasetyo DB / Peng B / Choeung R / Duboz R / Ong S / Sorn S / Dussart P / Tarantola A / …….


An optimised age-based dosing regimen for single low-dose primaquine for blocking malaria transmission in Cambodia. Leang R / Khu NH / Mukaka M / Debackere M / Tripura R / Kheang ST / Chy S / Kak N / Buchy P / Tarantola A / Menard D / Roca-Felterer A / …….


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Intense circulation of A/H5N1 and other avian influenza viruses in Cambodian live-bird markets with serological evidence of sub-clinical human infections : Emerg Microbes Infect, 2016Jul20. Srey Viseth Horm / Arnaud Tarantola / Sareth Rith / Sowath Ly / Juliette Gambaretti / Veasna Duong / Phalla Y / San Sorn / …….


Dual Combined Real-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for the Diagnosis of Lyssavirus Infection : PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 2016 Jul 5 . Dacheux L / Larrous F / Lavenir R / Lepelletier A / Faouzi A / Troupin C / Nourlil J / Buchy P / Bourhy H


Evidence of human infection by a new mammarenavirus endemic to Southeastern Asia : Elife, 2016Jun9. Kim R Blasdell / Veasna Duong / Marc Eloit / Fabrice Chretien / Sowath Ly / Vibol Hul / Vincent Deubel / Serge Morand / Philippe Buchy


Laboratory diagnostics in dog-mediated rabies: an overview of performance and a proposed strategy for various settings : Int J Infect Dis, 2016May. Duong V / Tarantola A / Ong S / Mey C / Choeung R / Ly S / Bourhy H / Dussart P / Buchy P


Evaluation of the performances of six commercial kits designed for dengue NS1 and anti-dengue IgM, IgG and IgA detection in urine and saliva clinical specimens : BMC Infect Dis, 2016May16. Andries AC / Duong V / Ong S / Ros S / Sakuntabhai A / Horwood P / Dussart P / Buchy P


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