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Institut Pasteur du Cambodge receives designation as WHO International Reference Laboratory for COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) as an International Reference Laboratory for COVID-19. The WHO COVID-19 Reference Laboratory Network is comprised of laboratories able to provide confirmatory testing for COVID-19, and these laboratories are crucial in addressing and meeting the public health risks emerging from the global COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, these laboratories are critical in the development and testing of new assays, providing timely and fundamental information, and helping to bolster response capacities worldwide. Of the 17 labs with this designation worldwide, IPC is the fourth from the Institut Pasteur International Network after Institut Pasteur (France), Hong Kong University-Pasteur Research Pole, and Institut Pasteur de Dakar (Senegal).

This recognition stems from the high level of technical proficiency and diagnostic testing capabilities at IPC combined with tremendous efforts in test validation and capacity building to fight COVID-19 globally. IPC is honored to be named a part of the WHO COVID-19 Reference Laboratory Network. In addition to being able to receive and confirm COVID-19 samples from across the world, IPC will continue to provide expert diagnostics, testing and validation of new assays and technologies, further build capacity for testing in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, and supply vital data and information to help combat COVID-19 worldwide.

Current list of WHO reference laboratories providing confirmatory testing for COVID-19