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2021 Scientific Reports

The Institute in 2021

The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (hereinafter abbreviated as IPC or the Institute), created in December 1953 is a non-profit research institution operating under the high patronage of the Cambodian Ministry of Health (MoH). The Institute also falls under the purview of Institut Pasteur in Paris, France as concerns its scientific and technical approaches and plans. Its statutes and operational systems are codified in the agreement signed between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Institut Pasteur in Paris signed in 1992 and since modified through two amendments.
The Institute is one of the 33 members of the Pasteur Network (PN) that brings together 25 countries on five continents. IPC’s laboratories are at the full disposal of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia for any studies or research relevant to the prevention of illness and the protection of public health.
IPC’s activities comprise four components: (1) biomedical research with a specialization in infectious diseases (2) support and capacity building to public health in Cambodia and the sub-region, (3) provision of health services (laboratory, immunization), and (4) training and education. The scientific foci of the IPC are infectious disease and public health challenges and issues among which illnesses related to arboviruses, respiratory viruses, rabies, malaria, and antimicrobial resistance of microorganisms, and zoonoses are priorities. These complex scientific themes, particularly those that involve pathogens with complex life cycles that can involve humans, mammals, and arthropods, could not be effectively addressed without complementarity between the Institute’s units and its specialists (entomologists, doctors, veterinary scientists, immunologists, epidemiologists, mammalogists and others) or without its high-level technical platform, including a level-3 security laboratory and an animal research facility.

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