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Rabies Serology for Pets

The Virology unit at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge is an EU-approved, CDC recognized laboratory for rabies serology for pets as dogs, cats and ferrets by performing the Fluorescence Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) test.

The result of the serological testing will be expressed in International Units per milliliter (IU/mL). Samples with a titer greater than the end point of the assay will be reported as ≥ the upper limit of the test. An antibody level ≥0.5 IU/ml is considered an adequate response to vaccination for the purposes of pet travel.

The FAVN test is only suitable to determine the antibody titer against rabies post vaccination, but not if there is a suspicion of clinical rabies in humans or animals.

The total cost of the serology testing is for

  • domestic customers (from Cambodia) $150

The maximum test turnaround time is 6 weeks between sample reception at IPC and available pdf certificate, excluding mailing time for hard copy certificates.

Required sample

  • A minimum of 1 mL serum should be sent in a plain tube.
  • Samples have to be taken by a veterinarian/in a veterinary clinic, confirming the identity of the sample with the corresponding microchip number of the respective animal.
  • Sample tube has to be marked with
    • owner’s name,
    • animal’s name,
    • and microchip number.

Completing the submission procedure

  • Complete the submission form
  • After completion submit filled pdf form to [email protected] and print, sign and stamp form (to be included to sample submission)
  • Use one submission form per animal.
  • The animal’s microchip number must be read before the blood is taken and correctly stated on the submission form.
  • Test reports (pdf certificate) are sent only to the submitting veterinarian practice unless otherwise requested on the submission form.

Submitting domestic samples to IPC

  • Pack sample and corresponding printed, signed and stamped submission form into leak-proof bag or container and label the package with veterinary practice name, owner’s name and date
  • Send/deliver sample(s) and submission form(s) to:Reception,
    Institut Pasteur du Cambodge,
    5 Monivong Blvd,
    Phnom Penh



  • Samples should be sent to IPC within 3 days after sample collection.

Submitting international samples to IPC

  • Payment has to be done before submitting the sample
  • Shipment has to be organized by veterinarian or pet owner themselves.
  • Shipment has to be performed through DHL at ambient temperature.
  • Samples have to be declared as non-infectious serum and with a value of $10.
  • Sample(s) have to be packed into leak-proof bag and subsequently placed together with completed submission form(s) into a shipping bubble bag.
  • Samples arriving to IPC later than 13 days after collection from the customer will be rejected with no refund possible.
  • For traceability reasons IPC logistics team ([email protected]) must be included (cc) in DHL communication
  • Send to:
    Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

    c/o Rabies pet serology

    #5 Monivong Blvd,

    Phnom Penh, 120210,



    Mobile phone numbers: +855 12 885 683, +855 12 282 945

    Email: [email protected]

    IMPORTANT: Advance payments cannot be refunded for any reason.

Before clicking the link to follow the procedure online, please make sure that you already have filled, signed and stamped the submission form