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Laboratory profile

Since its creation in 1995, the Medical Laboratory also known as “Laboratoire de Biologie Médicale” (LBM) of the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge provides a platform for comprehensive medical and biological analyses to Cambodian and international clients. Employing around 35 health professionals (Medical biologists, Medical doctors, Engineers, Technicians, Nurses, Secretaries), LBM aims at supporting health professional by offering them a variety of in vitro diagnostic tests covering all medical specialties and by permanently improving its service.
Always at the forefront of a quality service, LBM has set up its Quality Management System in order to ensure the required quality standard at pre-analytical (sample collection and transportation), analytical (testing) and post-analytical (result delivery and interpretation) level, as well as the continual improvements to ensure consistent quality results. Our main objective is to meet the expectation and satisfaction of all our clients. With our strong involvement in Quality Approach, LBM has become the first Cambodian laboratory to obtain accreditation in accordance with the recognized international standard NF EN ISO 15189 by COFRAC in 2018.
Currently, a panel of over 150 tests and continuous development of new biomarkers are provided to all health professionals (including public and private hospitals, clinics, and nongovernmental organizations) working with LBM and all walk-in patients/clients.
The Laboratory is divided in to 4 different specialty areas :

– Blood Biology Laboratory covers the area of Hematology, Coagulation testing, Biochemistry, Endocrinology and Immuno-serology, as well as Blood parasitology, Myelogram, FibroTest-ActiTest, Tumor markers dosage and semen analysis.

– Medical Microbiology Laboratory is in charge of analysis in Bacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology.

– Mycobacteriology Laboratory provides conventional and molecular diagnostic of Tuberculosis and Atypical Mycobacteria disease with adapted biosafety facilities (BSL2+ and BSL3).

– Platform of Molecular Biology ensures molecular diagnostic of infectious diseases and rapid detection of resistance.

In order to provide a complete service to our clients, we collaborate with Laboratoire Cerba, which is the European leader in specialized clinical pathology, for very specialized biology tests.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7AM – 5PM

Saturday: 7AM – 11:30AM

Special opening on public holidays: 7AM – 11:30AM

Email and phone number: 012 812 003; [email protected]; www.pasteur-kh.org