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The University Paris-Saclay (UPS, France) and the University of Health Sciences (UHS, Cambodia) are jointly offering a research-based 2-year Master’s program on Infectiology: Biology of Infectious Diseases, with the strong support of the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC). All courses are hosted in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and taught entirely in English.


The aim of the Master’s program in Infectiology is to provide a solid and broad-based foundation in prominent areas of Life Sciences and Health, as well as high-level competences in Infectiology. The pedagogical team includes specialists from reputable international universities and research institutes. Reinforced research training is achieved through two internships (two months in M1, six months in M2) in an international research institute of student’s choice. Through this program, students will gain both theoretical and practical experience in Infectiology.

Selected students will register at both universities and will obtain a dual Master’s Degree in Life Sciences and Health – Infectiology Track from UPS and in Infectiology from UHS.

A free online upgrading course may be offered for some candidates after pre-selection in order to ensure that they have appropriate qualifications for enrollment. Enrollment at the M2 level may be considered for candidates who have already validated an equivalent M1 program at another institution.


Scholarship opportunities are available for international and Cambodian candidates. Once accepted in the Master program, candidates may be selected for application to scholarship opportunities.



 – IDEX Scholarship : 3 May, 2024

 – IPC Scholarship (Cambodian candidates only): 14 June, 2024



  • 15 Jan to 15 April, 2024: 1st Application Period
  • 8 May to 8 July, 2024: 2nd Application Period
  • March to August 2024: Applications Review

The Universities reserve the right to not enroll an individual who does not meet prerequisite requirements and reserve the right to not open the class based on class size.

Scholarships from University Paris-Saclay or from IPC are available for outstanding candidates

Students need first to apply to the Master and be selected for enrolment to be eligible to the scholarships.

For Paris-Saclay scholarships, see information here: 


For IPC scholarships, only Cambodian students are eligible. Scholarships will cover the registration fees at both Universities and provide allowance to support daily expenses throughout the Master program. IPC scholarships are allocated for the two years of the Master. Detailed procedure for applying to IPC scholarships will be provided to the students upon their acceptance in the Master program. All applicants to IPC scholarships will be informed by email of the jury’s decision.

"This Master's program provided a unique opportunity to engage with biology students from diverse backgrounds, fostering both social and cultural enrichment. Scientifically, the program comprehensively covers infectiology, encompassing traditional subjects like virology and bacteriology, along with less emphasized yet equally intriguing areas such as entomology and parasitology. The international environment creates a diverse network and numerous professional opportunities. Additionally, the program enhances scientific and everyday English skills, crucial for future careers. The experience of living abroad adds a challenging and enriching personal dimension, exposing students to new cultures and perspectives while benefiting from the expertise of Institut Pasteur researchers."
2022-2023 Academic Year M2 Student
Currently PhD student in the Malaria Unit of IPC
"The persistent impact of infectious diseases on human health, especially in Cambodia, presents an ongoing challenge that demands our unwavering attention. The Master of Infectiology program is the gateway to unraveling these mysteries and addressing crucial public health issues. Enrolling in this program not only equipped me with advanced knowledge and research skills but also positioned me at the forefront of understanding the complexities of infectious diseases, notably through two lab internships. I was also the recipient of the IPC scholarship which allowed me to focus on my studies with serenity. Join us in shaping the future of infectious disease research in Cambodia and beyond, don't let this chance slip away!"
Ms OUK Sikveng
2022-2024 Academic Year M2 Student
Currently M2 Intern in the Malaria Unit of IPC