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Life Sciences and Health

Master's program International Track - Infectiology


LSH International Track « Infectiology: Biology of Infectious Diseases » is a research based 2-year Master program taught 100% in English and organized jointly by University Paris-Saclay (UPSaclay, France) and University of Health Sciences (UHS, Phnom Penh, Cambodia). Students, who must be registered at both universities (UHS and UPSaclay), will obtain a double Master diploma by validating 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) each academic year. Enrollment at M1 or M2 level is possible. Courses are hosted at UHS, followed by practical training in an international research institute of choice. A free online upgrading course (M0) may be mandatory for international students prior to selection to ensure they have appropriate qualifications for enrollment. The selection committee will inform candidates accordingly.


The aim of the Master’s program Infectiology is to provide a solid and broad-based foundation in prominent areas in Life Sciences and Health, as well as a high level of competences in Infectiology. 


Pedagogical team includes specialists from reputable international universities and research institutes. Coupled with an intensive internship period in top level research labs (Institut Pasteur, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, Université Paris-Saclay, University of Health Sciences, etc…), students will obtain both theoretical and practical experience in Infectiology. 


Graduates will be able to pursue careers in basic and applied research in public or private institutions as engineer or as researcher after completing a PhD.


  • January 15th to July 8th, 2022: scan the QR code and fill your application

  • March to September, 2022: Candidate Selection

  • April 25th, 2022: deadline for selection of outstanding candidates eligible to apply for a Idex Scholarship of UPSaclay

  • Octobre 2022: beginning of the Academic Year (full-time program)

  • Programme venue: UHS, Cambodia

  • Tuition fee: 2000 USD/year (UHS) + 340 euros (UPS)


"After completing my Bachelor's Degree of Pharmacy, I decided to pursue higher education with the Master International of Infectiology. I feel so comfortable to benefit from the European Education System hosted in my country, it is good to know new people from different countries in the classroom"
Ms SIM Mala (Cambodia)
M2: Life Sciences and Health
"Cambodia is a green field for research and dozen of mysteries that need to be unraveled. In addition, the impact of infectious diseases on humans remains a challenge and must always be addressed. This International Master of Infectiology program allows me to fulfill that objective and gives me the opportunity to be part of the future generation of Cambodian scientists. What else could you ask for? Don't wait until it's too late!"
M. YANNETH Oudamdaniel
M2: Life Sciences and Health
Scholarships from University Paris-Saclay or from IPC are available for outstanding candidates

Students need first to apply to the Master and be selected for enrolment to be eligible to the scholarships.

For Paris-Saclay scholarships, see information here: 


For IPC scholarships, only Cambodian students are eligible. Scholarships will cover the registration fees at both Universities and provide allowance to support daily expenses throughout the Master program. IPC scholarships are allocated for the two years of the Master. Detailed procedure for applying to IPC scholarships will be provided to the students upon their acceptance in the Master program. All applicants to IPC scholarships will be informed by email of the jury’s decision.