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Internship & Training

FREE for Cambodian Students and Cambodian non-profit organization part of the Institute Pasteur International network


Allowances provided


Applicants will be selected based on their application documents and interview.


Applicants should be in second year of a Master’s Program or Engineer Curses.

The transmission of knowledge is at the heart of the missions of the Institut Pasteur. It marks the Institute’s strong commitment to society. Talented young scientists and professionals in science and medicine from all over the world are attracted to the quality education provided nationally and internationally by top experts. The Institut Pasteur thus contributes to the dissemination of current scientific and medical knowledge and to the establishment of an international network of researchers and physicians strongly committed to public health issues at the global level.


Institut. Pasteur du Cambodge is also involved in post-graduate-level training. Each year, the IPC hosts around 100 students in the areas of biomedical sciences and engineering, as well as master and doctoral students in life sciences from different universities based in Cambodia and in other countries. The IPC is also a first line partner of the International Masters for Infectiology from the University of Health Sciences (UHS, Phnom Penh) and University Paris-Saclay (France).

La transmission des savoirs est au cœur des missions de l’Institut Pasteur. Elle marque un engagement fort de l’Institut envers la société. De talentueux jeunes scientifiques et professionnels des sciences et de la médecine, du monde entier, sont attirés par les enseignements de qualité dispensés, à l’échelle nationale et internationale, par des experts de haut niveau. L’Institut Pasteur contribue ainsi à la diffusion du savoir scientifique et médicale d’actualité et à l’établissement d’un réseau international de chercheurs et de médecins fortement engagés dans les problématiques de santé publique au niveau mondial.


L’Institut Pasteur du Cambodge est également impliqué dans la formation de niveau post-universitaire. Chaque année, l’IPC accueille une centaine d’étudiants dans les domaines des sciences biomédicales et de l’ingénierie, ainsi que des étudiants en master et en doctorat en sciences de la vie de différentes universités basées au Cambodge et à l’étranger. L’IPC est également partenaire des Masters Internationaux d’Infectiologie, fruit d’une collaboration entrée l’Université des Sciences de la Santé (UHS, Phnom Penh) et de l’Université Paris-Saclay (France).

2021 - 2022 INTERNSHIP

Life Sciences and Health

The aim of the Master’s program Infectiology is to provide a solid and broad-based foundation in prominent areas in Life Sciences and Health, as well as a high level of competences in Infectiology (ie. Biology of Infectious Diseases).


In order to ensure that outstanding students can follow the Master of Infectiology, IPC will provide two scholarships to the best candidates for the two years of the Master program.


Please apply to the Master degree to be eligible for these highly competitive grants.


Only Cambodian citizens accepted in the Master program will be able to apply for the scholarships.


Once accepted in the Master, you will be instructed on the application process.


A jury will then interview the candidates and the top two students will be offered the scholarships.


Please note that if you are selected to receive an IPC scholarship you will be required to do your internships within an IPC laboratory.

The complete application must include

CV with a recent photo

Motivation letter

Certificates of the academic results to respective Pasteur Supervisor

Two (2) letters of recommendation, including one from the master's program director

Copies of Identity Card