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Entomology unit scrutinizes insecticide resistance of major dengue vector mosquito

Dengue is one the most important disease in Cambodia, certainly one of the most active arbovirus in the country.


The Medical and Veterinary Entomology Unit of the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge studied the resistance of the most important Dengue virus vector species Aedes aegypti to 17 insecticides, including larvicides against mosquito larvae, and adulticides against adult mosquitoes.


They found that Aedes aegypti was resistant to many insecticides, including the larvicide temephos and the adulticides deltamethrin and permethrin, that are the most widely used insecticides in Dengue vector control.

Hopefully they found potential insecticides (Bti as larvicide and carbamates as adulticide) targeting Aedes aegypti, that should be used for Public Health concern.

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