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Call for Donations: the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge Needs Ticks for the SEA TICKEY Project

In the framework of the One Health South-East Asia (FSPI project; https://ohsea.ird.fr/), our team Medical and Veterinary Entomology Unit from Institut Pasteur du Cambodge has the objective to develop a taxonomic key for tick species.

Based on the list of all tick species present in Southeast Asia (Petney et al. 2019), we are developing a taxonomic key for 98 species present in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Thailand Myanmar and Malaysia.

In order to finish this key and to share the key to all of you, is that possible to obtain some tick from different genus/species that you could send to us.

We can then test our taxonomic key.

In return, at the end of this project, we can send the key to you and you can test it before the final release in order to improve it as much as possible.