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Two PhD Student Join the Medical and Veterinary Entomology Unit

Ms. SIM Mala and Ms. YEAN Sony are starting their doctorate for 3 years in the Medical and Veterinary Entomology Unit. In its historical tradition of training scientists, the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) provided a PhD grant for these two young and promising Cambodian scientists.


The French Embassy in Cambodia also contributed with a grant named Bourse du Gouvernement Français (Grant from the French Government) that will allow the two PhD students to be trained in France during the 3 coming years.


Ms. SIM Mala will do her PhD on the “Emergence risk of viruses along perturbed ecosystems related to humans and mosquitoes” under the supervision of Dr. BOYER Sébastien, Medical and Veterinary Entomology Unit, and Dr. AUERSWALD Heidi, from the Virology Unit of IPC.


Ms. YEAN Sony will work on the “Tick species and tick-borne diseases in Cambodia” under the supervision of Dr. BOYER Sébastien and Dr. BONNET Sarah, from Institute Pasteur in Paris. We wish them good luck for this difficult but exciting new challenge.