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Cross-Cutting Workshop on Rats at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

Rats, humans and health: Scientists from 6 countries met in person and by video conference to discuss during a cross-cutting workshop on rats on October 25th and 26th at Institut Pasteur du Cambodge.

Building on the One Health collaborative framework, this workshop intertwined historical, social, and cultural components with health studies and biological and ecological approaches. It involved experts in human, animal, and environmental health in Southeast Asia to better understand all the aspects presented by rodents in the region.

This workshop was organised by the IRD-IPC GeoHealth Group at the Epidemiology and Public Health Unit and UMR Espace-Dev. It is part of the OHARAT Project (One health anthropological approach to rat-related knowledge and practices in Cambodia and beyond in Southeast Asia), within the OHSEA Project (One Health in practice in Southeast Asia), funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.