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Rabies Serology for Pets

Thank you for using our services! 

We are looking forward to receiving the sample taken by your veterinarian/veterinary clinic. 

Below is a reminder of the sample needed.

Required sample

  • A minimum of 1 mL serum should be sent in a plain tube.
  • Samples have to be taken by a veterinarian/in a veterinary clinic, confirming the identity of the sample with the corresponding microchip number of the respective animal.
  • Sample tube has to be marked with
    • owner’s name,
    • animal’s name,
    • and microchip number.

Please remember

  • Shipment has to be organized by veterinarian or pet owner themselves.
  • Shipment has to be performed through DHL at ambient temperature.
  • Samples have to be declared as non-infectious serum and with a value of $10.
  • Sample(s) have to be packed into leak-proof bag and subsequently placed together with completed submission form(s) into a shipping bubble bag.
  • Samples arriving to IPC later than 13 days after collection from the customer will be rejected with no refund possible.
  • For traceability reasons IPC logistics team ([email protected] and [email protected]) must be included (cc) in DHL communication
  • Send to:
    Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

    c/o Rabies pet serology

    #5 Monivong Blvd,

    Phnom Penh, 120210,



    Mobile phone numbers: +855 12 885 683, +855 12 282 945

    Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

    IMPORTANT: Advance payments cannot be refunded for any reason.